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Male | Young Adult - Senior

Guy Next Door, Hip, Young, Clear, Edgy, Clever, Technical, Smart, Witty, Funny, Real, Trustworthy

Industry Specialties

Industrial Narration
Corporate Narration
Video Games

Demo Player

Character Demo
Commercial Demo
Narration Demo
E-Learning Demo

Clients Include

Cartoon Network, Capital One, Marathon Oil Corp., Showerman, Arcadia Quest, Colugo, GlaxoSmithKline, Kaplan University, LSG Sky Chefs, Pharmaceutical Institute, Websehen, Moe's Southwest Grill, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Zero Point Productions, Red Canoe Credit Union, Games That Work, Plum Productions, Animatix4D, Black Bug Room Productions

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About Ben Amos

Ben has always wanted to be a voice actor. (Well, at least since age 12 when he figured out he wasn’t going to be an astronaut). He’s the Sound of the Guy Next Door- no matter where your door might be. Need a clear, clever voice to ensure listeners stay engaged with your animated whiteboard presentation? Look no further. Does your commercial call for a likeable, relatable non-announcer? He’s your guy. But what about if you’re in the market for a sneering villain, a gruff jungle troll, the wet-behind-the-ears reluctant hero and a crazed goblin- all for the same project? You’ve come to the right place!

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Contact Information

name Ben Amos
phone (404) 236-9195
email ben@voicebyben.com
locale Atlanta, Georgia


Contact Information

phone (404) 236-9195
email ben@voicebyben.com
locale Atlanta, Georgia